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Gabo Guzzo Gold Millefoglie J Bag. Space Miracles. 

More Art, Less Production.

"I initiated this interdisciplinary journey to nurture the freedom of creativity, promote responsible choices, and instill hope in the passion of endangered artisan communities. It serves as a means to cherish both our irreplaceable human value and our irreplaceable Earth." Gabo Guzzo


Gabo Guzzo is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and designer of high-luxury one-of-a-kind handbags, merging art, design, fashion, and fine jewellery with Italian artisanship. Gabo Guzzo's innovative approach reflects a commitment to sustainability and responsible practices in the realm of luxury goods and art.

Each Gabo Guzzo handbag features distinctive design elements, making every creation truly unique. These elements may include custom colours, special leathers, hand-painted finishes, or the tone of the gemstone.

Exquisitely made in Italy, every Gabo Guzzo handbag is numbered and personally hand-signed by both the artist and the artisan who meticulously hand-crafted the one-of-a-kind piece.

Gabo Guzzo also offers a bespoke service where customers and collectors can express their creative freedom by commissioning handbag creations that best reflect their individuality and lifestyle.

The design studio is located in Mayfair, London, United Kingdom.

To gain deeper insights into Gabo Guzzo's interdisciplinary artistic practice, we invite you to visit www.gaboguzzo.studio.


Our Iconic Designs

Gabo Guzzo iconic designs

Extra-ordinary care, also inside. Our handbags are meticulously leather lined with soft lambskin. The engraved metal plate features the artist's signature and the unique number of the creation. 

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Gabo Guzzo Millefoglie bag. Space Miracles.